Gordon's Guide To Bacon
Fernando E. Ochoa
Fernando E. Ochoa 17 timmar sedan
dawrentz 17 timmar sedan
He looks like he has to pee
Orion Venero
Orion Venero 17 timmar sedan
The editing of this is bringing me closer to a heart attack or a seizure
Austin Shea
Austin Shea 17 timmar sedan
Salty cheese on top of capers??? I think not
athena energy Shine
athena energy Shine 17 timmar sedan
Wow I want to learn to cook
BigDro220 17 timmar sedan
His wing to drum ratio is amateur...get on my level Gordon
Dišmas Angel
Dišmas Angel 17 timmar sedan
Literally would’ve never noticed I’m not subscribed if it weren’t the the legend StevÖ
Shreyas Susan
Shreyas Susan 17 timmar sedan
athena energy Shine
athena energy Shine 17 timmar sedan
Could you use maple syrup or date instead of honey?
Gonzalo Rayo
Gonzalo Rayo 17 timmar sedan
You never ever add oil to the water, British think they know everything and they actually do every thing not correctly...
Void Opalll
Void Opalll 17 timmar sedan
I think I’m the only one who isn’t here because of Philza I only found out Phil knew after I looked up this video XD (I found out about this threw a friend of mine funny how I totally would have never know about this if I hadn’t heard from a friend)
Void Opalll
Void Opalll 17 timmar sedan
Side note: I will BUUUUURRRRRRNNNN MYYYYYY BREEAAAAAAAADDDDDD (Whoever gets that reference is a true fan of that game and also won my respect)
warframedeaths 17 timmar sedan
It's doesn't work the chips is terrible
Great- grandma Kirk
Great- grandma Kirk 17 timmar sedan
Sorry, but I refuse to eat baby cows, don’t we have enough animals to kill without eating babies cows also? I’ll stick to the food from the ocean . I eat raw oysters but I can’t bring myself to eat all the snail guts and the slime. They look just gross when pulled from their shell 🤢🤮
osogoodgirl 17 timmar sedan
How did Prashad lose when you're only criticism of them was "you're too generous. Go make more money!" OMG!!!
osogoodgirl 17 timmar sedan
Carter Watson
Carter Watson 17 timmar sedan
He’s a lot less scary and I’m understanding him better I feel like
KDA Yoné
KDA Yoné 17 timmar sedan
Does Gordon Ramsay do meth? Or large amounts of cocaine? Because he's moving like a speed freak while standing still. *_I don't understand._*
Herb Smith
Herb Smith 17 timmar sedan
More n more n more sodium. Hmm...
Nateworthy 17 timmar sedan
A table spoon of oil... Empties the neck of the bottle into the pan
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 17 timmar sedan
Are we ignoring the fact that Gordon tried or did hook up that guy
Oskrrrt Baedolla
Oskrrrt Baedolla 17 timmar sedan
Weird i just had dim sum 😳
Mr. Cole
Mr. Cole 17 timmar sedan
“We just leave them in the bush” 😌 look at the Black man not bothering nature, like a god!!
Daddy Carl
Daddy Carl 17 timmar sedan
He got left hanging 3:20 😂😂😂
Venus Momo
Venus Momo 17 timmar sedan
That time when Sherlock actually ran from an argument.
Max Farnell
Max Farnell 17 timmar sedan
Not one comment about the merguez doing so good until the capers
Guy Solis
Guy Solis 17 timmar sedan
Ramsey should of stood up and said " What the Freeeek are you eyeballing me for you Greek hump"..oh fuck me to tears..fake crab in a seafood restaurant on the water?
Epicfaceness 17 timmar sedan
That Vegan Teacher is going to die watching this
fallen angel
fallen angel 18 timmar sedan
What episode and season is the dead lobster one? I want to go watch it but I can't remember what episode it is.
mR. wigleegiggle5
mR. wigleegiggle5 18 timmar sedan
Gordon Ramsay: “get back in the kitchen”
Jaishaan Jaufar
Jaishaan Jaufar 18 timmar sedan
Did u go to your home
Gage Webb
Gage Webb 18 timmar sedan
I can’t believe the old man said to Gordon, “Who tf do you think you are?”
Zori F
Zori F 18 timmar sedan
The awkward knife sounds at the end of the video💀💀
Moses Lalmuanpuia
Moses Lalmuanpuia 18 timmar sedan
He should be the one between those two slices of bread not those cheeses.
Tino 18 timmar sedan
Amazing! How you blended the fresh mango with pepper.
osogoodgirl 18 timmar sedan
I would have washed my hands of Gordon if Prashad hadn't gone through! They took EVERYTHING he said into consideration and even though dude had a meltdown you could see it was because he both stressed and incredibly protective of his wife and mom. I'm annoyed that every other Asian restaurant got caught versus restaurants who didn't preform as well but Prashad has a 4:1 challenge score and would have been perfect if Bobby had been there the day the 2nd secret diner dropped in.
— jisooamour
— jisooamour 18 timmar sedan
14:36 bruh i think his favourite sentence/word is "fuck you"💀
arka mondal
arka mondal 18 timmar sedan
Rumours claim that each bit cost Ramsay more than a 1000 dollars.
Max Power
Max Power 18 timmar sedan
The roll pin, it sort of flattens it. I love this guy but that was hilarious.
Steve Ldnuk
Steve Ldnuk 18 timmar sedan
No cheese was grilled in this video...
Leah Maier
Leah Maier 18 timmar sedan
I love the way he handled it!!! Lmfao! 😂
KillMaster88 18 timmar sedan
Gordan Ramsey teaches pewdiepie how to make lasagna. (B*itch lasagna)
Fat Man
Fat Man 18 timmar sedan
That grease looked like what they breed orcs in...
Click Enrique
Click Enrique 18 timmar sedan
I love how gorillas are just in the background watching them
revulette. 18 timmar sedan
Inosuke feels offended
whytboy 18 timmar sedan
why do so few countries eat the roe of the scallop, im from NZ and youd be shoot if your scallop came without the roe. so much more flavor
Sam Higginson
Sam Higginson 18 timmar sedan
When you purchase a Cher concert from Wish.
revulette. 18 timmar sedan
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza 18 timmar sedan
I think chef needs to see a optometrist, He rubes he a lot. Lol
NEWYORK BOSS 18 timmar sedan
What the hell is dim sum never had it , 🤔🤔🙃
Vanessa Alvarez
Vanessa Alvarez 18 timmar sedan
Hello Aaron Sanchez I'm from El Paso Texas 😀😊
Jay Diaz
Jay Diaz 18 timmar sedan
Had it in hells kitchen las vegas and to me it was nasty never again will I try it lol 😆
francis garza
francis garza 18 timmar sedan
Chef R would never eat this🤔
ThePhilShow20 18 timmar sedan
0:07 Damn
OG man 14
OG man 14 18 timmar sedan
This didn’t age well... Hell’s Kitchen collabs with satan man
msacco175 18 timmar sedan
I’m share he had a condom in mouth
Rodrigo de Cozumel Alonso y Acevedo-del Real
Rodrigo de Cozumel Alonso y Acevedo-del Real 18 timmar sedan
The waitress is so adorable and sweet, kinda like a granny
priscilla garcia
priscilla garcia 18 timmar sedan
I love me some fresh frozen meatballs.😚👌
Christian Brobst
Christian Brobst 18 timmar sedan
Is it just me or did Gordon seem more excited cooking rice than normally?
Darth Marr
Darth Marr 18 timmar sedan
I love you daddy
Scott Massing
Scott Massing 18 timmar sedan
Jesus loves you; he died on the cross for you. The gospel is about God's GRACE to eternal life. Salvation is a free gift, there are no strings attached. Your sins are purged by the blood of Jesus alone. I dare you to believe.
Andrew 18 timmar sedan
1:35 already going downhill LMAO
Barb Buffington
Barb Buffington 18 timmar sedan
I absolutely love seeing this side of Gordon !!!!!
Pat Machowski
Pat Machowski 19 timmar sedan
You give us all hope Steve-O!
94andrea 19 timmar sedan
There's absolutely no need to add oil in boiling water to cook pasta, that's just a waste of extra virgin olive oil that's also quite expensive if it's pure and of high quality; just use big pots, stir when you put pasta into the pot and keep stiring every 2/3 mins. Indeed, from a chemical point of view, water and oil form a mixture when stired, not a solution, therefore the two will remain separate and all of the oil will float on the water very soon, so adding it it's simply pointless and wasteful. Also, add salt just in the water and in the condiments, not when you drain the pasta otherwise it won't be evenly distributed and, also, it's the best way make it over salted.
David OMalley
David OMalley 19 timmar sedan
Gordon, you saved my huge Thanksgiving/housewarming party back in 2018 with your stellar turkey recipe, thank you!
Amber M
Amber M 19 timmar sedan
Ramsay is a good man
bman 94
bman 94 19 timmar sedan
Ffs I'm not even a cook but I could do a better steak than these morons.
Afghan recipe
Afghan recipe 19 timmar sedan
Kurss Kurss
Kurss Kurss 19 timmar sedan
That shit wasn’t even ready, it looked watery asf !!
pepe_silvia 19 timmar sedan
“Can Gordon Ramsay cook a burger in 10 minutes?” I fuckin hope so, 10 minutes is a long ass time for 1 burger
Jerry Snoor Jr
Jerry Snoor Jr 19 timmar sedan
Note to self: Don't drop or throw the steak into the pan.
Jamon Horton
Jamon Horton 19 timmar sedan
Dude is a freak of man kind. Scientists need to study him. Seriously.
MakeOutSea 19 timmar sedan
It's remind me to peaky blinders scene
Reuben Jackson
Reuben Jackson 19 timmar sedan
"I think the doctor, needs a doctor"
bugthief 19 timmar sedan
finding the lamb sauce shows that i can have a bf
Izayah Shanaberger
Izayah Shanaberger 19 timmar sedan
Why all his videos are old
Sam Higginson
Sam Higginson 19 timmar sedan
Well...never thought I would physically start laughing at someone crying.
AQ M 19 timmar sedan
Delusional owner: $300k Appraiser: $25k GameStop: 12 bucks
Ryan Seager
Ryan Seager 19 timmar sedan
Anybody know what model of pan he uses here (for the beef) and in many of his other videos?
Greay Statia
Greay Statia 19 timmar sedan
Gordon "its dreadful" Ramsey